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Winter Wonderland

Is it?

I fought the winter for years! Then I gave in and just complained alot. Now I like to embrace what I can. I’ve made a truce. My fighting and running and complaining and, yes, whining about the cold weather did not serve as a shield to keep me safe and warm. All of that behavior just consumed me with thoughts about the cold. It kept me down.

How does a truce manifest?

For me it was a reframing. What could I effectively change about my circumstances: a super warm (although ugly) sleeping bag of a coat; better (even uglier) boots; and sometimes an unlimited metrocard.

What else could I change? Well, no amount of my New York whine could stop the cold-just the invitations! So I set out to reframe my nemesis as a wonderland of loveliness. This is not the same as lying. In fact it is the opposite. It is finding truths that existed all along, but that I was blind to due to my preconceptions.

A practice FOR SURE.

It has been many years now that I have been casting my winter wonderland spell. I still whine-its New York baby! But this practice has definitely made facing the long dark much more manageable and dare I say …

Wishing you all the most wonderful of winter wonderlands!

Light, Love, Magic, and Peace!!!

Be well.



What’s Happening?

Classes and sessions are cancelled on December 25th and January 1st.

January is heating up: Stay tuned for special editions of Candlelight Slow Flow Yoga and massage therapy sessions with customized essential oil blends.

February workshops: Look forward to Stretches for Shoulder, Neck, and Back, and Yin Yoga Primer

March: The Fitness Reboot returns!





Summer Fun…and Challenges

Ok…I get it. It’s hard to make it to the gym, especially when it’s so nice outside. Please enjoy the summer! I understand. Fitness can be taken outdoors and into everyday activities. The warmth and sunshine might be giving you an extra energy boost. Use it!

Instead of taking the subway all the way home or all the way to work, walk one stop instead. This will add about half a mile of walking to your day. Do it at either end of your commute and you have four opportunities for bursts of activity that also give you alone time and head space.

Did you know that there is free kayaking on the Hudson River? Not only is this so much fun you might want to buy your own boat, it is great exercise.

How about biking? I recently joined CitiBike. I am a terrible biker, but it is fun to be riding along in the sun. The nice thing about bike share is not having to worry about your bike when you change your mind and decide you want to follow a distraction…

…like getting on the ferry to Governors Island! Anyway, you can pick up a bike when you get there. Biking along the waterfront you’ll enjoy not only the ride, but the views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Statue of Liberty. There are also big hills to climb for more amazing views and of course for the exercise.

Have you located your swimsuit? Take it out. Put it on?or go shopping for a new one. Chances are it doesn?t fit the same way as before. Don?t beat yourself up. Along with your walking a stop here and there every day, give back a little at each meal. Put one scoop back as you are serving yourself. Chances are you won?t miss these little givebacks, but they will add up. Don?t skip a meal?you need your energy.  Just make sure that what you?re eating counts.

Need a massage after all of your outdoor adventures? I have some dates available.

There have been a few class changes. I’m subbing a few classes here and there. I am teaching yoga in Panama City at the end of August. Stay tuned for schedule of teachers covering my classes August 27th-September 3rd. Check the website for all updates.

Be well and stay active!